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NRL Official Licensed UGG Adult Unisex Slippers Melbourne Storm

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  • 100% Australian natural Merino , sustainable, biodegradable Woolmark® wool linings
  • Crop height of each hair is 15 mm
  • The density of the wool lining is 1350 GSM
  • The Australian Merino wool fibres are polished numerous times to make them luxuriously soft
  • 100% pure Australian Merino wool naturally regulates body temperature so feet stay cooler and drier in the heat and warmer in the cold
  • Woolmark® wool fibres are hollow so they can absorb up to 30% of their weight in water
  • 100% natural Australian Merino Woolmark wool foot beds that will mould to your feet
  • The 100% Australian Merino Woolmark® wool is bonded to an EVA base to create an extra soft foot bed


  • The highest quality cow suede throughout our entire line
  • Cow suede is 50% thicker than sheepskin so it lasts longer and is more durable
  • No heavy metals are used in our suede tanning process so the suede will biodegrade


  • Outsole EVA
  • Core outsole also features traction grooves throughout toe area and heel for increased grip


Adult Size Chart

TEAM KICKS SIZE US UK EU AU Bare Foot Length(cm)
W5/M4 W5/M4 3 35 W5/M3 22
W6/M5 W5.5/M4.5 3.5 35.5 W5.5/M3.5 22.5
W7/M6 W6/M5 4 36.5 W6/M4 23
W8/M7 W7/M6 5 37.5 W7/M5 23.5
W9/M8 W7.5/M6.5 5.5 38 W7.5/M5.5 24
W10/M9 W8/M7 6 39 W8/M6 24.5
W11/M10 W9/M8 7 40 W9/M7 25.5
W12/M11 W10.5/M9.5 8.5 42 W10.5/M8.5 26.5
W13/M12 W11.5/M10.5 9.5 43.5 W11.5/M9.5 27.5
W14/M13 W12.5/M11.5 10.5 44.5 W12.5/M10.5 28.5
W15/M14 W14/M13 12 46.5 W14/M12 29.5
W16/M15 W15/M14 13 47.5 W15/M13 30.5

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